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Over 20 years of title and settlement industry expertise

A Virginia Title and Settlement Company 

"Attorney Directed" title and settlement means that every closing is overseen by our Virginia real estate attorney for accuracy and completeness. We combine the expertise of a law firm with the real estate focus of a title company. 

We Serve Clients Across Virginia 

Our title company is conveniently located in Lynchburg, Virginia, and minutes from Bedford County and Campbell County. We handle closings in Lynchburg, Forest, Bedford, Campbell, Madison HeightsAmherst, Appomattox, Nelson, Roanoke, and other Virginia areas.   

Veteran owned and operated 

Our Virginia title company offers special discounts to those who served and provides exceptional service to all of our clients. Call us to find out how we can help with your real estate transaction. 


Fantastic would be an understatement! I would recommend them for any one buying or selling a home!!

— Kirsten, realtor

A Personal and Technological Approach

Technology can never replace a personal touch, but it can streamline and simplify a complex process. At PIKE TITLE we use both:

  • Dedicated, expert staff to guide you

  • Personal phone calls with updates

  • Close relationships with court personnel and real estate professionals

  • Secure online portal for easy access to information and updates

  • Lightning fast disbursement of proceeds and commissions 

  • E-signature capability

  • E-deposit of proceeds and commissions available

Our Relationships Set Us Apart

As a Lynchburg title and settlement company, we constantly work with local real estate professionals to meet our client's high expectations for their real estate settlements, refinances and title insurance. This allows us not only to deliver exceptional service to our clients, but to the realtors, lenders, and investors we work with as well. Our industry partners have come to rely on us for exceptional real estate title and settlement that leaves their clients happy and saves them time and hassle.

Home loan, car insurance, family life as

We Are Here For You

     Our Virginia title and settlement company is built on our values of integrity, reliability and expertise. We bring those values to each home closing, refinance, and commercial settlement to ensure the smoothest possible experience for all parties involved

     Our relationships with our clients and industry partners - realtors, lenders and investors - are built on communication and our ability to overcome challenges in even the most difficult transactions.

     Come see why we are the best at what we do.

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