Attorney Directed Home Closings

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With over 16 years of industry expertise, we provide title insurance, real estate settlement, and escrow services in Lynchburg, Forest, Bedford, Campbell and the surrounding areas

What Our Clients Say

Fantastic would be an understatement! I would recommend them for any one buying or selling a home!!

Wendy Reddy

Thank you for taking the closing process to a whole new level!

It was truly a pleasure... Pike Title will be handling all of my real estate closings in the future!!!

Wonderful to work with, very pleasant experience.

Our Services

PIKE TITLE is a Lynchburg title company providing full-service real estate settlement, escrow, and home closing services. Our expert title agents guide your real estate settlement from contract to close, and a real estate attorney directs each home closing along the way.

-Attorney Aaron R. Pike

'Attorney directed' means a licensed Virginia attorney scrutinizes every closing and guides it from contract to close, combining the legal expertise of a law firm with the real estate focus of a title company.

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 PIke Title does not provide legal advice or services. A. R. Pike Law Firm offers all legal advice and services referenced or implied.

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