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For Sale By Owner


You're trying to sell your home without a realtor. Now what?


Realtors provide a valuable service and may be able to sell your house for more. The reality is, things typically go more smoothly and quickly when realtors are working with you, but we understand that some sellers want to go it alone. 

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  • TO NEGOTIATE WITH REALTORS- Should you repair it, give the buyer a credit, or tell them to pound sand? Should you pay closing costs? How much is fair? 

  • TO UNDERSTAND THE PURCHASE AGREEMENT (SALES CONTRACT) -  You have a 20-page document full of legalese to interpret. What are you really signing up for?

  • TO MAKE IT TO CLOSING - The contract is signed, now what? What if the buyers can't secure financing? What if they want to delay closing? What if a new defect is discovered in the house? Is the buyer allowed to walk away? What are your rights?

  • TO DRAFT YOUR DEED - Its the most important legal document in a home sale. It transfers ownership from you to the buyers and you'll likely need to hire an attorney to do it. Should you choose your own or let the buyer's closing company suggest one for you? Either way, it'll likely cost you between $100 - $300.

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PIKE TITLE has partnered with the A. R. PIKE LAW FIRM to offer a suite of services to make your home sale go smoothly. 

  • PIKE NEGOTIATES WITH REALTORS- An attorney from A. R. PIKE LAW FIRM will represent YOU. Sit back and let an attorney advocate for the best deal possible.

  • PIKE  INTERPRETS THE PURCHASE AGREEMENT (SALES CONTRACT) -  An attorney from A. R. PIKE LAW FIRM will break it down so you know your rights and obligations under the contract.

  • PIKE HELPS YOU MAKE IT TO THE CLOSING - Issues come up all the time in home sales. Let an attorney from A. R. PIKE LAW FIRM give you the best chance of finalizing the sale of your home.

  • PIKE DRAFTS YOUR DEED - An attorney from A. R. PIKE LAW FIRM will draft your deed (a $150 value!). It's a service you'll purchase anyway! Why not pay a little bit more to get an attorney from A. R. PIKE LAW FIRM on your side?

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