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Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Pike Title home closing customers
Pike Title home closings

If you are buying or refinaning a home, it is your right to choose your title company. Everone needs one, but only you get to pick it. Title companies are a dime-a-dozen. Your bank has a list, your realtor has a list, if you drive down the road or search online you'll likely find dozens of title companies. Most of them will probably be able to close the purchase or refinance of your home, so why does it matter which one you choose?

Its about the journey, not the destination! A title company may get you to closing, but it may also overcharge you, leave you guessing as to when and how you will close, or even worse - miss issues that affect your ownership of your proprety. Our Lynchburg title company prides itself on exceptional customer service, communication, and expertise. We utilize the latest technology to protect your privacy and personal information. We communicate with you on your terms, whether that means personal phone calls, secure messages, or both. And each transaction is directed by an attorney to make sure issues are identified and fixed before they become your problem.

You are our top priority every time we speak and especially when we meet at the closing table to finalize your purchase. We understand how important your home purchase is, and we work harder than anyone to make sure that we:

1) anticipate issues and fix them before they become your headache,

2) communicate with you in person and online to ensure you're always in the loop,

3) and provide unparalleled expertise in real estate law and closings, so we can answer questions, provide reassurance, and guide all parties through the complex closing process.

The result is an exceptional closing experience. So, save yourself headaches, sleepless nights, and hassle. Trust PIKE TITLE with your home purchase.


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