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Refinancing your home? Choose your own title and settlement company and save!

It's tempting to use the title and settlement agency your lender recommends, or even to assume that you don't have a choice. Wait! There are two important facts you should consider: 1) If you are refinancing your home in Virginia, only you can choose your title and settlement company, and 2) there may be better and less expensive options that can save you money and headache.

The reality is that many lenders have a financial stake in a title and settlement agency. If you read the fine print on your loan documents or ask your loan officer, you can find out what stake your lender has in the title company they recommend. This does not mean that your lender's partner title agency is a bad choice, but it should encourage you to do your own research. Be especially careful if your lender sends you to a title agency without discussing it with you first. You may even assume that your lender requires you to use the title agency it chose for you. You'd be wrong.

In Virginia, if you are purchasing or refinancing your homes you have the right to choose the title and settlement agency. Rest assured, you will use and pay some title and settlement agency. Practically every lender require it because it ensures there are no problems with the collateral for the refinance loan (i.e., your home). So if you're going to pay for a title company, choose one that works for you and saves you money and hassle.

Pike Title is a client-centered title and settlement company. We are owned and operated by an attorney and military veteran, so we know how to deliver exceptional, accurate closings at the best price. Our rates are competitive and we have some of the best customer reviews in the area. Call us to find out how we match up to your lender's title and settlement agency.


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