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Residential Real Estate Investors

At PIKE TITLE, we understand the unique needs of residential real estate investors. Often, these investments are financed like home purchases, but are used to generate significant income for their owners. These investments come in many forms, and each has unique challenges and rewards. Let us help you navigate the complicated settlement process to protect and maximize your return.


We are experienced at working with investors and lenders to close single family houses, 1-4 family units, and apartment buildings. We understand conforming and nonconforming loans, hard money, seller-financing, and more. Call us to find out how we can make your residential real estate investment smooth and painless.

We are experienced in closing: 

  • Flip: Purchasing a property, usually a single family home, to renovate and sell at a profit. These fast-paced transactions require expert, streamlined title and settlement services. 

  • Buy and Hold: Purchasing a property to renovate and rent, or simply to hold while its value appreciates. 

  • Refinance: Maximize cash flow with a lower interest rate, restructure a construction/investment loan, or take equity from your remodel in cash.

  • 1-4 Units: May qualify for a conventional loan, which have more conditions for qualification, but often have lower interest rates and longer (30 year) terms.

  • Over 4 Units: Require investor-specific financing.

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