Looking For Your Own Representation?

The buyer chooses and pays for the title company or law firm to close the sale of your house. That includes:

  • collecting the purchase price from the buyer and lender

  • paying off your existing mortgage

  • paying your real estate broker, termite inspector, and other fees

  • paying state and local taxes on your behalf

  • transferring what is left of the purchase proceeds to you

  •  and perhaps more depending upon your specific circumstances

You Choose Who Drafts Your Deed

The deed is the document by which you transfer ownership

to the buyer. Only an attorney can draft a deed in Virginia. The buyer's title company or law firm will likely offer to sell you this service, but you have the right to shop around.

Let A. R. Pike Law Firm Represent You

A Virginia attorney will draft your deed and represent you, and only you, during the closing process. Call us to find out about our competitive seller rates.