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Pike Title: Voted Best Settlement Company in Lynchburg

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A lot of things happen behind the scenes when you buy a property so that when you finally get the keys, you have peace of mind. A title search is done to avoid ownership issues and pay off any seller loans or judgments; lots of documents are prepared and signed for loans, deeds, titles, and other important parts of your purchase. That’s where a title settlement company can help you.


Having clear title to real estate means that you’re the owner of property that has no issues thainterfere with your ownership. A title and settlement company helps you achieve this peace of mind. Pike Title had decades of combined experience delivering smooth closings to buyers and sellers.

Working with us means teaming up with competent professionals who can help you make the whole property transaction as efficient and effortless as possible. Learn more about what we can do for you as one of the best real estate settlement companies in Lynchburg.

Our Services as a Title and Settlement Company

As a home title company, we are here to help you with a wide range of services to close your transaction smoothly. 


Here’s how we can help you.

Title Search

You’re buying a house, a title search examines documents recorded in the local courthouse, along with other records, to make sure that the title is clear - meaning there are no issues, judgments, or loans on the property when you take ownership. Pike Title searches these records, examines them for “clouds” and other potential issues. 

We make sure the seller has authority to sell, there are no issues, and that you get what you expect - free and clear ownership. If we find issues, we’ll tell you about them.

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Closing Services

Whether it is a homecommercial, or a refinance closing, Pike Title can assist you when it comes to closing services. Our professionals gather information from all parties - buyers, sellers, real estate agents, lenders, etc., - and then collect and disburse funds according to your contract and the lender's instructions.​

The settlement statement we help to prepare outlines all incoming and outgoing funds for everyone to see.​

At the same time, we collect the necessary documents for everyone to sign and make sure the right people sign them. We are one of the most reliable and highly rated escrow companies in Lynchburg and its adjacent areas. From escrow to settlement, our home-buying procedures are straightforward and efficient.

Title Insurance
Title insurance is also necessary in most cases, and only a licensed title agent can issue policies of title insurance in Lynchburg. Whether your lender requires title insurance, or you want to purchase your own policy as the owner, we offer coverage to meet lender requirements and the needs of our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.
Air Force Veteran and Family

As a Veteran Owned Title Agency, We Give Back to Our Heroes

Aaron Pike is a former Major in the Air Force JAG Corps. He served alongside some of the Nation's best men and women. Their commitment to service deserves our respect and gratitude. As a small way of saying 'thank you' Pike Title offers a 10% discount on all fees, including title insurance premiums, to those who served.

Let us improve your real estate transaction experience!

The real estate world can be complicated. If you want to have a professional guide you through your real estate purchase and ensure all the important details are considered, we are here to help you. From the title search to closing services and title insurance, Pike Title is here to make your life easier and help you have peace of mind when it comes to buying or selling real estate, commercial or residential.

In this webinar we will cover



Although I am the agent for the Seller, and Pike Title represented the Buyer, I had to reach out to say how impressed I was...., Eric never lost a beat! Happy Holidays my friend

— Noreen

Voted the Best Closing Agency in Lynchburg, Virginia and the Surrounding Areas

  • What does a closing attorney do?
    A closing attorney is in charge of representing a buyer or a seller during a real estate process. In Virginia, an attorney is not required for most real estate settlements, and buyers often choose a title company to perform the closing without the expense of an attorney. Pike Title is not a law firm but works closely with A. R. Pike Law Firm for your legal needs.
  • What can make a title defective?
    There are different elements that may make titles defective, from fraud to false affidavits and even errors in tax records. It is important for you to be aware of these potential situations to ensure that your real estate transaction goes smoothly. Pike Title searches public records prior to closing, resolves title defects when possible, and provides insurance to cover you against title defects that we may miss.
  • Are title companies the same as closing companies?
    It depends. A title company issues policies of title insurance to buyers and lenders. A closing company is a business that assists buyers, sellers, lenders, realtors, and others “close” the purchase of real estate by searching public records for title defects, collecting and disbursing funds in escrow, and ensuring the necessary documents are signed and delivered to the correct parties. Pike Title assists with closing and provides title insurance, so we are both a title company and a closing company.
  • How much will I pay for title insurance?
    The cost of title insurance is based on the amount of the loan for the lender’s title insurance or the purchase price for the owner's title insurance. There are different levels of coverage available to owners that may also affect the price. Ultimately, the buyer pays a relatively small, one-time, premium at closing for title insurance.

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