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The Best Title Company in Waynesboro

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The Best Title Settlement Company in Waynesboro

Are you looking for a title settlement company to help you during your property purchase or closing? Pike Title is here to help you with your real estate title and settlement. Whether you're looking for someone to help you with your house or commercial purchase, you can trust us to give you guidance and support. Our team specializes in real estate title and settlement of all kinds, including:

  • Residential settlement

  • Commercial settlement

  • Title insurance

  • Escrow services

Pike Title – Title and Settlement Company: Services We Offer

You don’t have to struggle to find “real estate settlement companies in Waynesboro.” Our home and commercial closing experts can help. Whether you're looking for "title and escrow companies in Waynesboro" or perhaps are in need of a home title company, you can rest assured that Pike Title has you covered.

Our professionals can provide guidance and expertise throughout the title and settlement process while also acting as a fiduciary for the escrow of funds associated with settlement. This is how we can help you.


Whether you’re a home buyer looking for a house closing company or a home owner looking for a refinance closing. Pike Title can help. It's important to find a reliable real estate title company to ensure that your closing will go smoothly and that all parties receive the best service from beginning to end. Pike Title is here to help you with your closing and can refer you to and coordinate with competent legal representation when necessary. We also provide services for commercial closings

Title Insurance

If you’re looking for a “title company in Waynesboro,” look no further! Pike Title issues title insurance on residential and commercial real estate purchases in Waynesboro and across Virginia to both lenders and buyers. We underwrite with some of the best title insurance carriers in the United States, so you can rest easy knowing that your interests are protected. Pike Title is here to meet your needs as a “home title company in Waynesboro” and for commercial title insurance.

Realtors & Investors

We have tailored our services for both realtors and investors, so all parties enjoy personalized, precise service that is customized for your busy schedule. Our settlement agents understand that personal connection is essential to a good business relationship, so we make ourselves available for you, whether you prefer a phone call, email, or updates through our secure portal. Contact us today if you or your client are looking for "escrow and title companies in Waynesboro." Pike Title delivers the service you and your clients deserve. 

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Although I am the agent for the Seller, and Pike Title represented the Buyer, I had to reach out to say how impressed I was...., Eric never lost a beat! Happy Holidays my friend

— Noreen

  • What does a closing attorney do?
    A closing attorney is in charge of representing a buyer or a seller during a real estate process. In Virginia, an attorney is not required for most real estate settlements, and buyers often choose a title company to perform the closing without the expense of an attorney. Pike Title is not a law firm but works closely with A. R. Pike Law Firm for your legal needs.
  • What can make a title defective?
    There are different elements that may make titles defective, from fraud to false affidavits and even errors in tax records. It is important for you to be aware of these potential situations to ensure that your real estate transaction goes smoothly. Pike Title searches public records prior to closing, resolves title defects when possible, and provides insurance to cover you against title defects that we may miss.
  • Are title companies the same as closing companies?
    It depends. A title company issues policies of title insurance to buyers and lenders. A closing company is a business that assists buyers, sellers, lenders, realtors, and others “close” the purchase of real estate by searching public records for title defects, collecting and disbursing funds in escrow, and ensuring the necessary documents are signed and delivered to the correct parties. Pike Title assists with closing and provides title insurance, so we are both a title company and a closing company.
  • How much will I pay for title insurance?
    The cost of title insurance is based on the amount of the loan for the lender’s title insurance or the purchase price for the owner's title insurance. There are different levels of coverage available to owners that may also affect the price. Ultimately, the buyer pays a relatively small, one-time, premium at closing for title insurance.
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